Sustainable Business – A Declaration of Leadership

Because incrementalism didn’t get us to the moon.

Here’s the problem: The “best efforts” from business, government and NGO “sustainability” initiatives merely mitigate the problem, make things less bad, and slow the rate of decline of the regenerative capacity of the living systems that sustain human culture and economy.

That’s not good enough to win the race to sustainability — and beyond.

Declaration of Leadership This Declaration of Leadership challenges already good companies, developers, designers and public authorities to even higher levels of thinking, aspiration and performance — to move beyond slowing our decline, to invent and implement the ways to win the race to sustainability.Every phrase in it could be further explained, justified, specified, and exampled. But those details aren’t what we’ve lacked. We’ve lacked the will to face reality, tell the truth about what we see, and do what we know needs to be done.

Face reality

We hope you’ll use this Declaration to stimulate fruitful discussions about whether your company is taking the challenge and the opportunity seriously-and creatively-enough.

Take action!

Gain the advantage natural logic can give you.