Natural Logic has always – by design – maintained a small core staff and a powerful network of associates and allies. This assures us of the flexibility to field a world class team on any engagement we undertake.

Gil Friend, Founder and chairman

Gautam Barua, Sustainable finance
Jamais Cascio, Foresight, Trend analysis, Scenario planning
Jeremy Faludi, Product design, Engineering
Carl Frankel, Strategy, Marketing & Communications
Shana M. Gillis, Business development, Operations research
Pamela Gordon, Manufacturing and outsourcing
Douglas B. Holmes, Manufacturing process design, Chemical and industrial engineering
David Jaber, Industrial eco-efficiency, Business development
Michael J. Kleeman, Strategy, Telecommunications
Richard A. Liroff, Chemicals management
Terry Mandel
, Leadership development, Marketing/Branding
Suzanne Marquis, Strategic environmental management, Pollution prevention
Carroll Moore
, High-performance, whole-systems design
Bonnie Nixon, Supply chain management
Emilie Prattico, Analyst
Bill Reed, Integrative Design
Chris Robertson, Industrial eco-efficiency, Design science, Business development
Shripal Shah, Strategic sustainability
Hardin Tibbs, Scenario planning, Industrial ecology
Kumar Venkat, Modeling, simulation and optimization applications; Supply chain management
Arthur Young, Communications management 

Janine Benyus, Biomimicry, Ecological design
Josh Cloud, Sustainable design integration
Katherine Collaco, Intern
Margo Covington, Pollution prevention, Process improvement
Andrew Dale, Software development
Matthew Dundas, Environmental engineering, Software development
David Hammond,
Biomimicry, Environmental chemistry
Allison Lai, Intern
Eleanor M. LeCain, Strategic planning, What Works
Elaine Shusterman, Business development
Steve Reinhardt, Strategic marketing, Brand building
Timothy O’Shea, Strategic communications, Change management
Liz Weber, Sustainable design integration