Case Studies

Natural Logic delivers measurable results that build business, environmental and societal value.

  • For Levi Strauss & Co, worked with international management team to develop the company’s first corporate sustainability strategy.
  • For a large manufacturing company, led a Value Stream Discovery initiative that identified hundreds of millions of dollars of invisible “value leakage.”
  • For SunPower Corporation, developed detailed 10 year sustainability roadmap, now incorporated into company management systems.
  • For a large consumer products company and a large technology company, developed Design for Sustainability trainings for design and engineering teams
  • For CocaCola, developed and conducted two-day Innovation Charrette™ to engage diverse stakeholders in collaborative design of a national Extended Producer Responsibility policy.
  • For a large online retailer, designed a robust, scalable green product “gating system” for rating products across tens of thousands of product categories.
  • For a large retail brand, developed a “shades of green” intranet to guide buyers, product designers and merchandisers in appropriate decisions and communications.
  • For Conair, developed and conducted Sustainable Design FrameWorkshop™ to engage and train product designers, product managers, marking and legal in both embedding sustainable design and communicating it beneficially.
  • For Hubbell Lighting, developed “train-the-trainer” training course and handbook for training facility managers in ecoaudits and ecoefficient operations.
  • For more than 100 companies, provided facility assessment and ecoefficiency and analysis services to help profitably reduce environmental footprint.
(Please check back. We’ll post details of these and other projects soon.)