[Environmental Entreprenuers] is ‘a national community of business people who believe in protecting the environment while building economic prosperity.’ Their July Update includes a facinating piece on energy policy in China.

China’s electric power consumption in 2004 will grow at a breathtaking 11% over that of 2003, with some regions growing nearly 25%. Chinese policy makers are clearly and publicly stating that the country needs to make fundamental changes to deal with its skyrocketing energy consumption….
China’s has a policy goal of quadrupling its economy by 2020 while only doubling its electricity consumption…. [U]nder business as usual, China’s annual electricity requirements [would] nearly triple….
China’s top governmental agency recently issued national policy guidelines urging every province to develop and implement demand-side management. This high-level policy attention, along with the successful pioneering of DSM pilots in key regions, may pave the way for the introduction of DSM throughout the country….
E2 is actively encouraging members with specific interest in China to support the China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance as part of their E2 membership.

I wonder: Will energy strategy be yet another way that China leapfrog’s a sleepy United States?
See also NRDC‘sChina Clean Energy Program.

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