This just in, from Joel Makower and Stonyfield Farms:

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a 4-minute flash movie on climate change that I produced over the past year in partnership with Stonyfield Farm and two nonprofits, Earth Day Network and Clean Air-Cool Planet. The movie is part of an ambitious campaign to mobilize citizens to take mass actions to change — or circumvent — our political and corporate leaders’ tepid response to climate change.
The movie — a “documentary” told from 2056 — tells the story of how “2006 was the year that changed everything,” when tens of thousands of citizens come together on the Internet to buy clean power. That unleashes a succession of positive changes, as utilities scramble to build wind and solar farms, individuals make fortunes investing in new clean-tech companies, and old dinosaurs like Ford and McDonald’ find profit — and salvation — in clean, green technology. Even Martha Stewart gets involved.
You can read more about the movie here and here. I strongly encourage you to view it, sign on to the campaign, and share this message with others.

I wrote about the sustainability tipping point a few months ago — and wasn’t the only one (PDF). There’s opportunity in the air, but we’ve got to seize it, and bring it to fruition. This movie is a good jolt of inspiration, as well as a host of specific ideas. (I’ll be posting more of both, from the International Solar Cities Congress, in the next few days.)
I just love a good race to the top! Don’t you?

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