[John Robb]: Seattle Times (thanks Rajesh).æ Introducing the Tango.æ Electric.æ Top speed of 130 mph.æ 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.æ 80 mi per charge.æ 3 hr recharge.æ Mass produced at ~$20k.
Engineers and executives at GM’s Research and Technology Division, ecstatic when they first saw the Tango, tentatively offered parts at cost, distribution through a GM dealer network and $5 million to get started, pending a solid business plan and market survey. Backing the Tango could have given GM credits under a California state law requiring 10 percent of cars sold by major automakers to meet zero-emission standards. But they rescinded the offer this past spring. GM’s lawyers are suing California over the 10 percent rule.ææ
Despite impressive innovation from GM engineers, someone there seems to have decided that you can’t serve two masters — and may have once again chosen the wrong one.

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