[Port of Entry]: Renewable
energy is playing a growing role in Chinese energy supply and is poised
to become a significant future energy source. The Chinese Government
has set a target to meet 12 percent of its power generation capacity
from renewables by 2020. A significant share of this new capacity will
come from wind. In May 2004, the three groups launched the report ëWind
Force 12 – China‰, an industry scenario which showed that by 2020 China
is capable of installing 170 GW of wind power, delivering annual
savings of 325 million tonnes of CO2 and creating hundreds of thousands
of jobs. The report further showed how to create a massive industrial
manufacturing capacity for wind turbines and outlined the policy
frameworks necessary to unlock these opportunities with a combination
of public, private and citizen inputs.

The US will have a significant price to pay if it continues to lag on this. Fortunately industry leadership is filling at least some of the government vaccum. (And maybe the government vaccuum will shift in the next couple of weeks. Hey, could happen — the Red Sox won, didn’t they?)

Has anyone seen a compilation, in one place, of all the national and
corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goes that have been publicly

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