Viridian Design Principles – more provocations from Bruce Sterling

A. Futurist principles

“Eat What You Kill”

“Avoid the Timeless, Embrace Decay”

“Planned Evanescence”

“The Future is History — Be When You Are”

“History Accumulates”

B. Moral Principles

“Look at the Underside First”

“Design For Evil”

“Design for the Old”

“Superstition Isn’t Inspiration”

C. Political Principles

“Viridian Inactivism”

“Do Less With Less”

“There’s No One So Green As the Dead”

D. Principles of the Avant-technogarde

“The Biological Isn’t Logical”

“Augment Reality: Aestheticize All Sensors”

“Make the Invisible Visible”

“Less Mass, More Data”

“Tangible Cyberspace”

“Seek the Biomorphic and the Transorganic”

“Datamine Nature”

“Grow Complexity”

E. Research Principles

“Walk Through the Walls of Knowledge Guilds”

Details within. PS: They’re looking for more Viridian principles

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