Did anyone attend NBIS‘s Preparing for REACH — The European Union’s Global Chemicals Policy Initiative and Chemicals Management System, September 15th at the Seattle Airport Doubletree?

What is REACH: The proposed overhaul of the European chemicals management system — Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) — will have important implications for US firms exporting to Europe.
Who is affected: Any company that exports chemicals or chemical mixtures to the EU, that competes globally with products meeting European standards, or that exports finished products to Europe will be affected by REACH.
What is required: REACH will require companies to collect data on most chemicals on the market, assess the risk of these chemicals, and define safe use down the supply chain. REACH will also require companies to justify continued use of chemicals of “very high concern.”
These regulations may affect you if:
– Your company exports to the European Union
– You manage supply chains that include chemicals
– Your products compete globally with products meeting European standards

What did you learn?

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