Table of Contents


Part I  The Truth About Green Business
TRUTH 1  What Is a Green Business?
TRUTH 2  Why Green Your Business?
TRUTH 3  How to Approach Greening Your Business
TRUTH 4  Why Now?
TRUTH 5  Climate Change and Your Business
Part II  The Truth About Green Strategy
TRUTH 6  Profi t and Purpose
TRUTH 7  How Green Is Good Enough?
TRUTH 8  Green Regulations
Part III  The Truth About Green Operations
TRUTH 9  Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight
TRUTH 10  Eco-Effi ciency: Good for Business and the Environment
TRUTH 11  Waste? Not! Eliminating Non-Product
TRUTH 12  EcoAudits Can Guide Your Course
TRUTH 13  Running Lean and Green
TRUTH 14  Carbon Footprinting
TRUTH 15  Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
Part IV  The Truth About Green Marketing
TRUTH 16  Green Branding and Messaging
TRUTH 17  Creating Strong EcoLabels
TRUTH 18  Green Marketing Claims
TRUTH 19  Reaching Conscious Consumers
Part V  The Truth About Green Products and Services
TRUTH 20  What Makes a Product Green?
TRUTH 21  Product Take-Back
TRUTH 22  Product to Service
TRUTH 23  What Makes a Service Green?
Part VI  The Truth About Green Design
TRUTH 24  Biomimicry—Learning from Life
TRUTH 25  Reducing Your Product Footprints
TRUTH 26  Cradle to Cradle
TRUTH 27  Design with Nature
TRUTH 28  Innovation Is at the Heart of GreeningPart
VII The Truth About Green Procurement
TRUTH 29  Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
TRUTH 30  Supply Chain Management and Partnerships
TRUTH 31  Supplier Scorecards
TRUTH 32  Clearing the Rising Bar
Part VIII The Truth About Green Buildings
TRUTH 33  LEED Standards for Green Buildings
TRUTH 34  The Cost of Green Building
TRUTH 35  Green Buildings Improve Productivity
TRUTH 36  Integrative Design for Green Building
Part IX  The Truth About Green IT
TRUTH 37  Computers and Electronics
TRUTH 38  Creating More Effi cient Data Centers
TRUTH 39  How IT Can Drive Greening
Part X  The Truth About Green Management
TRUTH 40  Engaging Employees
TRUTH 41  Engaging Stakeholders
TRUTH 42  Keeping Score
TRUTH 43  Employee Incentives
TRUTH 44  Environmental Management Systems
Part XI  The Truth About Green Finance
TRUTH 45  Profi t, Value, and Risk
TRUTH 46  Reality-Based Accounting
TRUTH 47  Investing in Green and Attracting Green Investment
TRUTH 48  Carbon Trading and Offsets
TRUTH 49  Fiduciary Duty
Part XII The Truth About Green Futures
TRUTH 50  Certainty in the Face of Uncertainty
TRUTH 51  Scenario Planning
TRUTH 52  Future Proofing
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Part XIII Appendices
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