A tool for optimizing building energy retrofits

Target audience: Owners or operators of large residential and commercial real estate
holdings, such as REITs, large corporations and government entities, that want to reduce
their energy consumption and carbon footprints while improving their environmental,
social and financial performance.

Problem: Building owners and operators need to optimize energy efficiency retrofit
projects across their property portfolio to deliver the best results (e.g. lowered operating
costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, etc.) in relation to: cash flow, budgets and ROI
requirements; specific energy and carbon performance goals; and time constraints.

Solution: RetrofitOptimizer is a software solution, developed and supported by experts in
the field of energy efficiency and business strategy. RetrofitOptimizer generates “what-if”
forecasting scenarios that help building owners and operators optimize building energy
performance, by analyzing the actions, costs, impacts, savings and ROI of implementing
multiple strategies for a range of energy efficiency projects. This saves both time and
money in retrofit planning, and enables smarter allocation of human and capital resources
prior to tactical implementation.

RetrofitOptimizer considers the user’s unique collection of performance goals, potential
energy efficiency projects, and time and budgetary constraints.  It takes into account
historical energy usage levels and projects the likely total impact of implementing energy
efficiency projects – in different combinations and different sequences across a portfolio
of real estate assets.  It enables owners and operators to select the optimum combination
of initiatives – and to communicate them, effectively and persuasively, to bankers,
investors and contractors.

Options: You can engage RetrofitOptimizer in three ways:

  1. Contract with Natural Logic to analyze your options, and deliver a report detailing results and recommended actions.
  2. Purchase a customized version of RetrofitOptimizer to perform your own analysis and determine your best course of action
  3. License a web-based, multi-user version of RetrofitOptimizer to teams to collaborate in creating and analyzing different scenarios.

For details and pricing: Contact  “info at natlogic dot com”, or call 1-510-248-4940

Channel partners: RetrofitOptimizer is available for direct use by building owners and operators, and for licensing to ESCOs and others for use with their clients.