SCIwatch™ – Continuous Commissioning*

Buildings — even high-performance green buildings — can drift out of tune over time (just like your car). This drift can drop energy efficiency by 15-25% per year.

SCIwatch™ (provided by Natural Logic strategic ally Scientific Conservation Inc.) is an automated “continuous commissioning”* solution that solves this problem — by tracking and optimizing the performance of building energy systems “from the cloud.”

SCIwatch is a highly scalable, vendor-neutral energy analytics platform that interfaces with any building energy management system for automatic data collection, warehousing, diagnostics and work order issuance and tracking. It also serves as a centralized, non-invasive system that consolidates up-to-the-minute views into energy usage and system-wide performance levels with reporting parameters tailored for executive-level and operational staff.

At the core of the SCIwatch platform is a pattern recognition technology that distinguishes the solution in the energy management market. Because system degradation can be extremely hard to detect — especially if the tools being used are not sensitive enough to pick up the slightest of anomalies that impact energy efficiencies — SCIwatch employs neural networks, a commercially proven form of artificial intelligence. This form of advanced mathematics applies a scientific model that increases the accuracy and predictability of system faults that can cost organizations significant money in terms of unnecessary energy consumption and productivity erosion due to system downtime. By employing neural networks, the SCIwatch solution can accept a virtually unlimited number of independent variables and produce a very accurate pattern of the way energy is consumed, managed and wasted.

SCI has expertise with HVAC, refrigeration, automation, monitoring, energy efficiency, maintenance management and diagnostics systems. The SCIwatch solution at a glance:

  • Only energy efficiency and building operations optimization platform that automatically predicts, detects, diagnoses and prioritizes faults and anomalies
  • “Just-in-time” predictive energy analytics platform leveraging artificial intelligence and neural network technologies
  • Compares predicted energy and system efficiencies against real-time operation
  • A breakthrough “continuous commissioning” and predictive analytics platform that requires no upfront capital while providing customers value pricing based on documented energy savings
  • An energy efficiency and building operations optimization solution that produces demonstrable results in weeks and ROI within months of deployment
  • A certified baseline of energy consumption and spending by each facility over time
  • Tracks system service and compares to actual performance to determine if improvements are realized
  • Provides continuous reporting required to meet certain aspects of LEED certification

Natural Logic has chosen to work with SCIwatch, and offer it to our clients, because we consider SCIwatch one of the most innovative technologies to be introduced into the energy efficiency market in years. Its ability to detect electrical, mechanical and HVAC system faults in commercial buildings long before they have a negative impact on energy spend, or require significant maintenance costs to correct the problem, aligns with Natural Logic’s mission to help our clients achieve optimal operational performance, continuously.

To discuss whether SCIwatch is appropriate for your buildings, please contact us at 1-510-248-4940 or info at natlogic dot com

*SCIwatch is no longer in business. “Continuous Commissioning” is a trademark of Texas Engineering Experiment Station. This page will be taken down soon.