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I’ve got a special offer to share with you today.

I’ve put together a new way to help you in your efforts to build brand, boost profits, increase share, reduce risk — by embedding sustainability in the heart of your business. 
It’s an unusual offer in and of itself. It’s unprecedented for me. And it may be just right for you!


Amazing insights that will help you take the next step.

Last year I spent a day at the White House with 50 industry and government leaders, working together to help leverage the half a trillion dollars a year of Federal purchasing to support and drive sustainable supply chains. It was a room full of passion, commitment and innovation — and yet I was struck by how many of these leaders were stuck in 20th century perspectives and technologies — still thinking in terms of minimizing the damage, still hoping that green wouldn’t cost too much more, still blind to the game-changing power of open-data and the Internet of things. I was also struck by how surprised and hungry they were for the insights and experiences we shared, from the work we’re doing every day to make “sustainability” a key driver of exceptional business performance at some of the world’s best companies.

That got me to thinking how valuable it could be for you to have a window on the conversations that I’m having and the work I’m doing with the leaders of the sustainability revolution, and the insights I’ve been forming along the way. And I’ve figured out a way to provide you that window — before, between or even during your engagements with us.

From what you’ve told me, you want to know how these leaders are adapting and reinventing their businesses:

  • re-engineering everything from product design to supply chain;
  • dematerializing their value propositions to make more money selling less stuff;
  • addressing the challenges of real time, open data and radical transparency;
  • measuring what matters, and using generative feedback to deepen engagement and accelerate innovation;
  • applying regulatory insulation;
  • and more.

Being exposed to these insights will help you make the mysteriously elusive sustainability business case for your company, communicate it to your leadership, and act on it effectively.

You can have it too!

Because I’ve created a new way to share a new level of value — previously available only to our consulting clients — on a regular basis — conveniently and economically.

Some of you are CXOs, SVPs or VPs, directors or managers; others of you are on your way to those positions. Some of you are responsible and accountable for sustainability in your organization; some of you are passionate champions operating out of other roles. Many of you have told me that building sustainability into the heart of business is full of challenges — economic, engineering, emotional — and that you need someone you can turn to regularly, someone you can count on, to help you meet those challenges.

A new way to benefit from my four decades of sustainable business experience

That’s why I’d like to offer you a new way to do just that — to learn from our experience — and share our learnings — even as we innovate new ways of doing business — in harmony with the laws of nature — guided by nature’s 3.8 billion years of open source R&D.

I’m bringing together the top experts in the world to join me in delivering regular insider briefings that share with you our deepest insights, our latest discoveries and “ahas”, the most cutting edge information, the best industry case studies, and the most profitable ways to pump more profits back into what matters most — building profit and brand, reducing business risk — and making a difference in the world while doing that!

Making money by making sense!

Here’s what you’ll get

Join me today and I’ll give you:

  • my exclusive, private monthly briefings — and more often, as warranted — with:
    • direct access to the conversations that only I get to have with today’s sustainability leaders — and tomorrow’s
    • access to my emerging thinking about cutting edge sustainability initiatives — before I discuss them anywhere else (other than with my paying clients — who are happily playing large fees for this insight)
    • a first look at special reports
    • and more
  • my standing invitation to join a private monthly teleconference — and more often, as warranted — where you can ask me — and my special guests — anything about anything.
  • access any time to our archived live calls — and a private on-line forum where you can explore critical issues with me and your peers

In these exclusive, premium briefings, you’re going to get direct, personal access to the conversations I’m having with top leaders and the case studies of what’s working in today’s REAL WORLD of business — to save you money, build your brand, reduce your risk and inform your highest aspirations. Period.

Cut through information overload with me as your personal filter

You know, there’s a lot of sustainability information out there — newsletters, websites, conferences, white papers. Frankly, it’s hard to keep up with it all. But you shouldn’t have to. Consider this: Warren Buffet, arguably one of the greatest business people in the world, reportedly only reads the Economist. You see, it’s not how much information you inhale that matters. What matters is that you get the information and insights you need, when you need them.

That’s why Inside Sustainability will bring you only the best of what I personally filter out for you. Not the latest news highlights — there are plenty of good sources doing that — but the distillations, insights and perspectives that will support you in leading the way at your company.

You’ll get first-in-line access to:

  • my conversations with the people — both well known and not so well known — who are making it happen;
  • stories and benchmarking of what’s working, what’s not working, and why;
  • my insights into the critical success factors of sustainable business leadership;
  • insights into how leaders view and interpret today’s business landscape, and
  • how they build — and implement — the business case for “taking sustainability seriously, and taking it deep.”

(Why me? Ask the companies — companies like CocaCola, eBay, HP, Levis, Steelcase, SunPower and many others — that turn to me and to Natural Logic for our guidance when they’re ready to take their already strong sustainability initiatives to the next stage, to make sustainability a strategic driver of exceptional business performance and brand leadership.)

Are you ready to work Inside Sustainability?

Before you click the link below, make sure you’re ready to be challenged — and that you’re willing to bring an open mind — so that when you get the best ideas in the sustainability industry delivered to you every month, you can take the most advantage of them.

People pay me thousands of dollars a month for personal coaching, thousands of dollars a day for consulting, tens and hundreds of thousands for strategic consulting for their companies. I’ve created a new way for you to access this value for a tiny fraction of that high ROI investment — without having to requisition corporate, raid budgets, or even ask your boss. Click here if you’re ready, and be among the first to lead this new conversation.

Let me make this easy for you

Whether you’re a CXO, an owner, an executive or a board member — or on your way to become one — I want to make it a no-brainer for you to say “Yes!” today — a decision you can make right now, within your own purchasing authority, without the hassle of corporate approval. So click this link today, and get your subscription now.

How easy? This easy:

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Why I’m doing this

Forty years ago this summer, I had the unique opportunity — as a kid barely a year out of college — of spending a month with Buckminster Fuller’s World Game Workshop. In this deep-dive design charrette for the planet, we examined — in meticulous detail — the present state and the preferred state of every major human concern — energy, water, food, housing, health, communication, transportation, recreation, education, materials and logistics — looking for the possibility and the best paths to “a world that works for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone.”

The lesson we learned — in every one of these areas of concern — was clear: There was no necessary physical barrier to human success and well being — for all — on this planet.

I signed up for that mission, and I’ve spent the last 40 years doing everything I can to bring it into being — and to transform the economy of an entire planet. This planet. In one generation.

And I’ve learned along the way — working with some of the best companies and most innovative organizations in the world — that this mission represents the biggest business opportunity of the century.

As one client said to me recently, “Gil, this is really hard! Does it have to be so hard?” Well, it is a big, hairy, audacious goal. But it’s doable, exciting, career-building — and profitable.

Please join me and go Inside Sustainability with me. Just fill out the form below to begin your subscription today.

Thank you for all you do. I look forward to working with you!

Your partner in building your business AND transforming the global economy,

Gil Philip Friend
Founder, President and CEO, Natural Logic Inc.
Inaugural Member, Sustainability Hall of Fame


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