eLearning: Sustainability In Practice

Sustainability In Practice™ is a library of interactive eLearning courses designed to engage people across your organization in building sustainability throughout your business. Based on the acclaimed book, The Truth About Green Business, by Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend, Sustainability In Practice provides role-based, on-demand, at-your-desktop sustainability training for employees across your organization.

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For Everyone

What is a sustainable or green’ business? Why do it? Key sustainability concepts. Viewing products as systems. Climate change and carbon footprints. Running lean and green. What can your people do in their organizations today?

For Operations

How to eliminate non-product waste, run lean and green operations, conduct eco-audits and manage carbon usage? How to extend sustainability principles into the supply chain and procurement programs? Understanding cost and benefits of sustainable greenbuildings, more efficient data centers, and how IT can help drive sustainability strategies, and more.

For Marketing and Products

How to appeal to conscious customers and consumers? How to improve branding and messaging while avoiding costly greenwashing mistakes? How to use lifecycle considerations to make more sustainable products? Transition some products into services? Promote innovation. Build the brand within.

For Management

What does it mean to go green and be sustainable?   How to apply the sustainability lens across the business? Treating sustainability as an investment rather than a cost.   Accounting for business-based results. Getting your people engaged to help drive results and improve corporate culture.

All Sustainability in Practice courses are based on current best practices and backed by subject matter expertise and applicable know-how so lessons can be applied immediately in your business environment today. Courses consist of 3-5 modules taking about 15–20 minutes each, and are built with instructional design rigor and produced to deliver an engaging and interactive experience for learners.

Each module includes learning objectives, key concepts, case studies, track-able assessments and survey questions to capture feedback and suggestions on how this applies to your organization. All courseware can be delivered as a hosted service by Tripos Software through a custom-branded portal with full program management capabilities, including:

  • Automated user registration
  • Email-based invitations and reminders
  • Usage tracking
  • Survey and feedback tracking
  • Reporting

The courseware is fully SCORM-conformant and can be delivered through 3rd-party SCORM-conformant learning management systems (LMS).

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