Strategic Coaching – Client Testimonials

Working with Gil as a thinking partner has delivered tremendous value to me personally and professionally. He’s helped me think through the big picture, frame up tough challenges in productive ways, anticipate and plan for difficult situations before they arise, challenge myself, and – maybe most importantly – reconnect with my own sense of self-confidence and joy at finding and doing work I love.
—VP Innovation, NASDAQ100 consumer products company

My coaching sessions with Gil have been a huge asset. His experience and insights have helped me clarify both near-term priorities and longer-term strategy, as well as pushed me to think more broadly about how I can grow as a leader.
—Lori Duvall, Global Director, Green Social Innovation, eBay

In just one phone call, with a keen listening and insightful questions, Gil skillfully got to the heart of the matter. We arrived at a place of insight and discovery in a surprisingly short amount of time.
—Ian Kim, VP of Strategic Growth, Unreasonable Institute

Gil is a masterful coach. Flexible, adaptable, and skilled.
—Rodney McDonald, President, McDonald Sustainability Group

I went to Gil for his experience in sustainability, but received much more in return. He has a unique ability to ask open-ended questions which help you get to the heart of your specific challenges. His approach is sustainability-focused, psychology-inspired, tough love coaching. I am glad I hired him.
—Fortune 500 Utility Company Executive

Gil has the ability to bring just the right amount of strength, love, and wisdom to the people he works with. His passion and advocacy for your authentic success in sustainability and all thing business (and life), make him a powerful force for your greatest future and a compassionate space for you to vision, strategize and navigate through that future.
—Anese Cavanaugh, Founder, Craft Impact Leadership Program

It’s a nice combination to get both content & process expertise from one person. Life coaches without sustainability backgrounds were helpful, but they didn’t know where to push us—where we’re pushing the edge and not. With Gil I didn’t need to burn any time explaining things.
—Fortune 500 Climate Director

Working with Gil as a strategic coach and mentor helped me understand why I do what I do, and helped me fundamentally re-structure my approach to achieving my goals and aspirations—in ways that I know will stick.
—Andrea Traber, Principal, Integrated Design Services, Integral Group

I am a business coach, instructor, and consultant myself, and I’m very picky about who I choose to work with. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable, point out things that are hard for you to see in yourself, show you your obstacles – in the way you think, speak, lead, and direct your time, then Gil is truly fantastic. I learn from Gil every time I engage with him, whether via email or in person. Just picking up his language and HOW he himself leads as he speaks, has been eye-opening for me. He has a way of patiently, but incredibly clearly, asking questions and creating a dialogue to get you where you want to be. It is through his process that you will learn about yourself while you achieve your goals. His coaching is not for the thin-skinned or weary, and I mean that as the highest compliment. If you are looking for a coach to take you to the next level, personally or professionally, no matter what your goals, look no further. Gil is kind, compassionate, generous, brilliant, has incredible integrity and professionalism, assigns exactly the work you need to do on your own… when you need it, and he will challenge you. He is also amazingly resourceful, and a true wealth of knowledge about all things business and Sustainability. I highly recommend Gil.
—Karen Tempkin, Her Corner Women’s Business Accelerator