Table Test

Phase What we’ll do Duration What you’ll invest What you’ll get
Phase 1: Declaration Conduct an intensive, one-day discovery process (with your senior leadership team and ours) to identify
Ä¢ the Biggest Brand Promise your company could make
• the business value that delivering on that promise could unlock
1-2 days • $25,000 (50% on contracting, 50% on completion, if you, in your sole judgement, are satisfied with the outcome)

• One uninterrupted day of time of 6-12 senior executives and business leaders
(The more senior, and the more broadly representative of your entire organization this group is, the more valuable the outcome will be. We recognize that this will be a far more significant investment for you than our fee.)

• Deeply challenged about the true purpose‚Äîthe ultimate value proposition‚Äîof your business. (No, “maximize shareholder value” isn’t your purpose; it’s the consequence of fulfilling your purpose. No, selling your product or service isn’t your value proposition; delivering the benefit or functionality your customer seeks, perhaps by means of using your product or service, is your ultimate value proposition.)
• A hypothetical “brand promise” (a commitment, not a slogan)
– that you could potentially make at the intersection of profit and purpose
– that will require systematic redesign of how you do business, and
– that will generate, if executed, orders of magnitude more value than you invest
• A schematic plan of action for fleshing out, calibrating and validating that hypothesis
Optional: Communications coaching
Phase 2: Discovery Lead a skunkworks project, with your cross-functional team, to
• assess (and identify the gaps in) your business model and sustainability initiatives
• uncover the massive leakage in your value stream, and
• delineate the business strategy and systems design that can capture it.
60-90 days • $25-50,000/month
• 10-20% of 3-5 leaders and 2-55 FTEs of staff
• Access to relevant people and data (all under absolute confidentiality of course)
• (Scope and budget TBD at the end of Phase 1)
• Value stream map identifying cradle-to-cradle value leakage\n
• Preliminary calibration of the value of those leaks
• Preliminary menu of strategies to plug those leaks
• Gap analysis of existing initiatives, identifying both what’s missing and lacks of synergy
• Clear, aggressive 1/5/10 year goals
• Conceptual business plan
• Provisional strategic roadmap—year by year for each functional area—for executing that plan
Optional: Leadership coaching
Phase 3: Delivery We will work shoulder to shoulder with you to:
• activate the roadmap
• turn it into an action plan
• engage, train and support your people
• provide a clear line of sight connecting actions, impacts and mission
6-18 months ‚$30-100,000/month

• (Scope and budget TBD in Phase 2)

• Concrete business plan for transforming your company to fulfill that promise and capture that value\n
• Detailed strategic roadmap‚Äîyear by year for each functional area‚Äîfor executing that plan
• Ongoing strategic and tactical support
• Ongoing leadership coaching
Optional: Communications and messaging, on-demand workforce training, and more