Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson focuses on strategy to improve energy and resource efficiency with commercial and industrial customers, with specific attention to: business eco-efficiency and industrial ecology initiatives with utilities and commercial and industrial clients; high availability, environmentally friendly power supply for critical load applications; and energy efficiency opportunities in the semiconductor industry.

A generalist who spans disciplines between design, engineering, economics, systems science, communications, innovation theory and practice, project management, planning and new product development. Mr. Robertson earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Ecology from the College of Environmental and Applied Sciences, Governor’s State University, and a BA in Design from the Department of Comprehensive Planning and Design at Southern Illinois University, where he studied design science and energy planning with R. Buckminster Fuller and his colleagues.

Chris was a member of the SEMATECH International Energy Project Technical Advisory Board, led the Microelectronics Industry Energy Efficiency Initiative for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (, and published “Design for Energy Efficiency Adds Value to Semiconductor Company Shareholders” in the June 1999 Semiconductor Fabtech journal. This article describes the extensive non-energy benefits produced by energy efficiency investments in semiconductor manufacturing.