Emilie Prattico

Emilie Prattico is a sustainability consultant for private and public companies with a focus on strategy, communications, reporting, and public affairs. Working on projects both in Europe and in the United States, she brings her multicultural background to bear on identifying and implementing strategy solutions to solve solve economic, environmental & social challenges, a well as to tackle related issues in change management. She has participated in the launch of a smart-mobility and green consulting start-up in France and has worked in the transportation, food, agricultural, real estate, and public finance sectors. She served eight years as a university lecturer in philosophy and sociology. Emilie is developing her expertise through research in Social Innovation for small and medium enterprises.

Emilie holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Oxford, a MSc in Management and Sustainability from HEC (Paris), and a Ph.D in Philosophy from Northwestern University.