Terry Mandel

Terry Mandel is a seasoned consultant and mentor who has advised leaders, entrepreneurs, emerging and established companies, and nonprofit organizations in the US and abroad. She very quickly hones in on the root of critical challenges and opportunities, helps people focus on the “right things right now,” engages individual and collective intelligence most effectively, and reaches target audiences in ways that prompt action. Terry identifies untapped/underutilized resources, seeing ways to bridge the gaps between the now and the desired future, and helping individuals and teams work together towards shared goals.

Terry brings a generalist’s systemic orientation, quickly perceiving how to strengthen each client’s capacity to move between vision and action, the strategic and the tactical, the big picture and the day-to-day. Her clients span micro-enterprises and NGOs to multinationals, at all stages of development and in diverse sectors.

Terry has lectured at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, University of California Berkeley School of Engineering and Haas School of Business, and others, and been published in The New Paradigm in Business, Executive Excellence, Business Ethics, San Francisco Business Times, among others. She has also appeared on ABC News Nightline with Ted Koppel. Terry is known for her pioneering work in marketing with integrity.

Terry earned a B.S. in biology, with a minor in psychology, from the University of Oregon, and did graduate work in forestry (soil chemistry) and counseling psychology.