Timothy O'Shea

Timothy O’Shea is an organizational energetics and change management specialist, helping senior executives integrate new insights and vision with the pragmatics of meeting and exceeding the demands of current market change. He has over twenty years experience in connecting the cultivation of high performance with organizational learning and change. Mr. O’Shea has led strategic planning efforts and effected major change in government environmental practices, assisted organizations with the development of strategic vision and mission, coached CEO’s and executive teams through organizational, cultural, and management change processes, integrated Total Quality Management practices with service delivery to keep pace with a 60% annual growth rate, and restructured management and professional services for a national marketing firm.

Mr. O’Shea attended Harvard Divinity School’s Graduate Studies Program, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Tufts University. He serves on the Board of Directors of Commonweal: Health Research and Youth Advocacy, and is an instructor with The Natural Step and the Bay Area Deming Users Group.