bBlog: This ‘talent mind-set’ is the new orthodoxy of American management…. None, however, have spread the word quite so ardently as McKinsey, and, of all its clients, one firm took the talent mind-set closest to heart….The company, of course, was Enron…. Enron was the ultimate ‘talent’ company….The one Enron partner that has escaped largely unscathed is McKinsey, which is odd, given that it essentially created the blueprint for the Enron culture. [bBlog: The sales, marketing and business weblog | XPLANE]
The tool is never enough. How it’s applied is always as important. Talent was far from enough for Enron. Innovation hasn’t been enough for Apple.
Mark Twain recognized the problem of single-minded focus:
When your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see all problems as nails.

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