Thought Partnership – Backup

Gil Friend photoSome of the most fascinating and impactful work I’ve ever done has been the “thought partner with a thought leader” program that I introduced some years ago. It provided a unique opportunity for a select few business and “sustainability” leaders to retain me for deep, provocative, one-on-one conversations—to think big, deep, and hard about the challenges they face, the innovations they’ve been incubating, and the value they know they can unlock. And that they rarely have the time—or safety—to pursue.

You know all about “thought leaders.” (I do too; I’ve been called one! In fact, The Guardian named me one of the 10 most influential sustainability voices in America.) I’m guessing you might value having a thought partnera thought leader in your corner. That’s why I’m inviting you to retain me as your thinking partner in exploring and designing the next phase of innovation and regeneration for your organization—and beyond.

“Working with Gil as a thinking partner has delivered tremendous value to me personally and professionally.  He’s helped me think through the big picture, frame up tough challenges in productive ways, anticipate and plan for difficult situations before they arise, challenge myself, and – maybe most importantly – reconnect with my own sense of self-confidence and joy at finding and doing work I love.”   —VP Innovation, NASDAQ 100 consumer products company

I’m now able to take on two new “thought partner” clients. You might be one of these—if you are bursting with passion, frustration, pent-up creativity, and the sense that you—and your organization—could be doing so much more to build lasting value by placing business in service of life, rather than life in service of business.

If you think you are, please call me today (on my mobile: +1-510-435-6346) or email me telling me what’s on your mind—or what wants to be on your mind—to retain me as your thought partner in exploring and designing for your organization the next phase of “sustainability”—and beyond! Three-month minimum retainer, with fees to be determined together. No application forms; just email or call—describing either your starting point…or your sense of the territory you want to explore…or of where you’d to go.

Given my existing commitments, I can only take on two of these engagements—and I will close this opportunity soon. So if you are interested, remember: my last limited-to-a-few-of-you offer was snapped up within hours!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and to thinking—deeply—with you!

With very best regards (and a tip o’ the hat to Jean Russell),

Gil Philip Friend
President & CEO