Echoing the 50 nations that signed on to the UN Charter in San Francisco 60 years ago, the mayors of 50 cities signed the Urban Environmental Accords in San Francisco today, ending the week-long World Environment Day events. The accords:
– identify 21 issues:

Renewable Energy | Energy Efficiency | Climate Change

Waste Reduction
Zero Waste | Manufacturer Responsibility | Consumer Responsibility

Urban Design
Green Building | Urban Planning | Slums

Urban Nature
Parks | Habitat Restoration | Wildlife

Public Transportation | Clean Vehicles | Reducing Congestion

Environmental Health
Toxics Reduction | Healthy Food Systems | Clean Air

Drinking Water Access | Source Water Conservation | Waste Water Reduction

– call on cities to take three actions a year to meet specific goals for each, and
– will award one to four stars based on how many goals are achieved by 2012.
Detail on other WED events to come soon.

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