[Environmental Building News, via GreenClips]: The American Institute of Architects’ board of directors has set a goal of halving the amount of fossil fuels needed to construct and operate buildings by 2010 and reducing that amount a further 10 percent in each of the following five years. The ambitious goal was set in one of two “High Performance Building Position Statements” approved by AIA in December 2005.

Depending on they do their math, that means either 0% fossil fuel use — one presumes they’re talking about new buildings — after six years, or a 70% reduction after six years. (0.5×0.9×0.9×0.9×0.9×0.9). Impressive in either case, and starts to get at what I’ve been calling “sufficient goals“– sufficient to the challenge, and sufficient to motivate enthusiastic innovation.

Here’s the PDF of the AIA statements.

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