As noted a while back, I’ve been in full-tilt sustainability conference mode for the last few weeks. Profitable Sustainability (Seattle), Sustainable Resources (Boulder), SRI in the Rockies (Keystone), SOL Sustainabilty Forum (Dearborn). All very interesting and very different events.

And 12 days from now — the day after the election — I’ll be offering the opening keynote at the CoopAmerica Business Network conference
in San Francisco. (MUCH easier commute than the other ones.) The topic
(my current ‘stump speech’): The State of ‘Sustainability’ — considering sterling accomplishments and significant
shortcomings, and presenting critical challenges for companies,
public policy, and each of us.

I’m also working dilligently to set up two or three pilot installations of our key performance indicators (KPI) software — Business Metabolics — with companies that have
– multiple facilities
– a strong or growing sustainability commitment
– an interest in effectively measuring their progress to that sometimes amorphous goal.

And the of course there’s that pair of books I’m trying to birth (in my spare time). More on those anon…

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