The U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Engineering and
Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) and Ceramatec, Inc. of Salt Lake City,
Utah have demonstrated the feasibility of using nuclear energy to
efficiently produce hydrogen from water.

‘With America’s growing demand for
oil, also comes a host of environmental challenges. Because of the need
to develop new energy sources in an environmentally sound way, the
President and our Administration recognize that the benefits of
hydrogen technologies are too great to ignore. This major breakthrough
signals that we are systematically achieving our hydrogen goals,’
Secretary Abraham said.


high-temperature electrolysis
enhances the efficiency of the process by adding substantial external
heat – such as high-temperature steam from an advanced nuclear reactor
system. Such a high-temperature system has the potential to achieve
overall hydrogen production efficiencies in the 45 to 50 percent range,
compared to approximately 30 percent for conventional electrolysis.

Clever. And I’m all in favor of more efficient hydrogen generation. But
when will these allegedly capitalists stop the half-century of
taxpayers money pouring into keeping the nuclear industry afloat. I
know, I know, there I go being rational again.

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