which Lily Tomlin reminds us is (a) highly over-rated, (b) nothing more
than a collective hunch, and (c) a leading source of stress among those
in touch with it — I offer you this excerpt from the sidebar to Kunslter’s ‘auto-delusionary’ article:

General Motors Vice-Chairman Robert A. Lutz… commented
offhandedly to reporters that GM will focus less on cars in coming
years and more on higher profit SUVs…. A week later, in a climate of
Escalade-ing gas prices, the Asian edition of The Wall Street Journal
reported that Moody’s Investor Services, the debt-rating agency, had
downgraded GM’s automotive sector debt to Baa3 — one notch above junk
bonds. Go figure.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets…

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