Automakers Drop Suits Over Clean-Air Regulation. Dropping lawsuits that fight emissions regulations, General Motors and DaimlerChrysler will instead produce millions of low-emission vehicles, like gasoline and electric hybrids. By Danny Hakim. [New York Times: Science]
G.M. – which sells some high-emission vehicles like Hummers, Cadillac Escalades and Chevrolet Suburbans – withdrew from the battle as part of an effort to enhance its environmental image that included a previous announcement that it would sell hybrids.
But it has also been reassured by recent steps of California regulators. The state amended its requirements in April to emphasize more low-emission and fewer zero-emission cars. In recent weeks, coinciding with negotiations over the suits, the air board expanded its credit system for hybrids to include a wider variety of vehicles.

Yes, my comment a few days ago (‘GM – stepping away from opportunity?’) was a bit simplistic, since GM, like all the automakers, is pursuing cleaner and more efficient alternative. I still don’t get the message that they are pursuing these as aggressively as their Japanese competitors — or that they’re prepared to be as creative in addressing future markets as Schwab was when it blew up half its revenues in a dramatic shift to an internet-centric brokerage strategy.
What’s the analogy for the auto industry? [Hint: it does not depend on selling more cars.]

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