(or what Rabbi Arthur Waskow prefers to call ‘global scorching.’)
The well-known socialist rag Business Week is even making global warming its cover story this week, and the article makes good reading for anyone interested in the business case for responding to global warming. No matter how familiar you are with the subject, the article is worth reading; many greens don’t realize just how widespread the recognition of the danger of climate disruption is in the business world.
These are not wild-eyed activists trying to shut down the modern world — these are corporate and finance executives who realize that global warming means uncertainty, uncertainty means risk, and that taking steps to mitigate risk now, rather than waiting to see what happens, just makes good business sense.

The insurance industry has been out in front on this one. Rather than trying to decide on the science, they decided they couldn’t afford even the risk of the science being right. Companies as diverse, and perhaps unexpected, as Dupont, BP and ST Micro, to name just a few, are not only addressing the issue aggressively, they’re doing with business rigor and in many cases profitably.

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