[Gizmodo]: Now I don’t know what exactly you’d want to use this Waysmall 200ax-bt 200MHz computer with integrated Bluetooth for, but that’s not because it’s useless. Just the opposite, in fact. For $184 you get a low-power computer running the Linux 2.6.0 kernel with webserver and remote login and power management circuity on-board.

Throw a solar cell onto this little bad boy and you could do all sorts of fun things, like embedding a permanent webserver into a building, controlling a swarm of wireless robots, or developing the first Bluetooth-enabled loaf of bread. At just 8.3 by 3.6 centimeters, the 200ax-bt still manages to pack in USB, serial, sound, and LCD controller – now with AC adapter!

Remote sensing too. What else? (Stephenson, what about security applications?)
As Dave Winer‘s taught me to say, “kuwuhl!”

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