Speaking of China, this post today from [WorldChanging]:

This could be big news. SciDev.Net
reports that China plans to train 10,000 technicians from the
developing world on the deployment and use of solar power technologies
over the next five years….Remember the observation in last week’s
post about BusinessWeek: Someone is going to make a lot of money off of
the response to global warming and the shift away from fossil fuels.
China is positioning itself to be that someone not by trying to skim
the cream of American, Japanese, and European markets, but by becoming
the business partner of choice for the myriad nations that will need
power to support development but don’t have an existing fossil
fuel-based power infrastructure already deeply entrenched.

as I learned recently, China is building a 375,000 square foot factory
to build batteries for hybrid vehicles. I’d say someone over there is
definitely paying attention.

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