Worldchanger Jamais Cascio blogs Discover Magazine’s short (two-page) but terrific interview with Amory Lovins (of Rocky Mountain Institute and Winning the Oil Endgame fame).

My favorite bit, however, has to be his beginning comment:

When I give talks about energy, the audience already knows about
the problems. That’s not what they’ve come to hear. So I don’t talk
about problems, only solutions. But after a while, during the question
period, someone in the back will get up and give a long riff about all
the bad things that are happeningÖmost of which are basically true.
There’s only one way I’ve found to deal with that. After this person
calms down, I gently ask whether feeling that way makes him more

As RenÚ Dubos, the famous biologist, once said, “Despair is a sin.”

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