Adam Werbach is about to add another gem to his web of progressive media enterprises:

dropping knowledge is:

  • An ever expanding body of knowledge.
  • A facilitator of multiple perspectives that seeks to include every voice.
  • A space for learning about and suggesting practical ideas and solutions.
  • A fully independent, sustainable non-profit organization committed to open, inclusive debate.
  • An international community of users who
    are constantly refining, expanding and prioritizing our content.
  • A tool that allows the user to draw on
    the wisdom of other users to create and refine new ideas and practices.

dropping knowledge is not:

  • A 24-hour breaking news source.
  • A supporter of any single opinion or viewpoint.
  • A recipe for definitive answers.
  • A media vehicle influenced by commercialism, sensationalism, politicians, political parties or personal narratives.
  • A static, comprehensive encyclopedia of information.
  • Solely a distributor of knowledge and ideas from a diverse set of global sources.

However one defines knowledge, by dropping it freely to others, we all gain wisdom to improve the world.

You got that right!

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