[GreeenBiz.com]: Energy Management and Shareholder Value

This report highlights
the growing body of evidence showing
that companies that strategically manage their energy use across their
various divisions and facilities can enjoy bottom-line benefits…
[including]… reduced operating costs, increased productivity and
sales, reduced regulatory costs, reduced downtime, and enhanced image.

Energy use represents one of the
largest operating expenses in many businesses, and can be a source of
bottom-line opportunity. For example, in commercial office buildings,
reducing energy use 30-percent is equivalent to increasing net
operating income and building asset value by 5-percent.

Essentially risk free, and yet so many people still leave money on the
table. (Good to seee someone talkiong about impact on building asset
value, since most of the energy conversation has been about operating
income improvements – plenty good in itself, but not the whole story.)

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