[The Motley Fool]: It’s Easy Being Green. Companies can profit, not sacrifice, when protecting the environment.

With these kinds of results, it’s hard to argue for any buildings that aren’t environmentally friendly.

I guess if Motley Fool gets it, this must be penetrating the
mainstream. Yet somehow, our work on this planet is not yet done. I was at yet another meeting last night where yet another
otherwise intelligent person went on about the “tradeoff between
profits and environment.”

Bogus. Utterly bogus. They used to say that about quality. They
used to say it about safety.  The real tradeoff isn’t between
environment and profit; we need both, and we can have both. The real
tradeoff is between
brains, leadership and execution, on the one hand, and habit,
complacency and failing to watch the numbers, on the other.

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