Everybody wants to get into the act!
Cleveland is on the verge of reinventing itself as a haven of sustainability, and the region’s burgeoning environmental movement is intent on using green development as an engine for growth. “We’d like to see Cleveland become the country’s capital of green,” says Manda Gillespie, with the advocacy group EcoCity Cleveland. Gillespie says she can hardly keep track of the ecologically friendly projects underway. The city is writing green building standards, funding green renovations of public schools, and developing a county “green print” for zoning…. Sadhu Johnston, director of the Cleveland Green Building Coalition, says, “People sometimes write off the region. But soon they’ll look at Cleveland and say, ‘Oh, that’s how the Rust Belt comes back.” Metropolis, Jan 2003, p 34, by Tess Taylor.
[More: http://www.ecocitycleveland.org ; http://www.clevelandgbc.org ]
This items comes from Chris Hammer’s inestimable GreenClips. [Two Internet sites host GreenClips archives for reference and research:
http://listserv.energy.wsu.edu/greenclips/visit.html (keyword search)
http://www.greendesign.net/greenclips (browse contents)].
The good news is that a growing number of cities are clamoring for the lead and the honor, including Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California; Portland, Oregon; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Drew Carey’s home town; and probably others.
The more the merrier, imho. Competition’s a wonderful thing!

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