[Origo Fourth Sector News]: GAO Identifies Financial Downside of Underreporting Environmental Risks

While companies are required to disclose all information
considered important or “material” to investors in their annual reports
to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), there is
currently no standard for reporting environmental risks.
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I’m seeing a growing amount of information and analysis coming across
my screen on the business implications of environmental risks — and
more recently on the business implications of environmental benefits as well.

By the way, Natural Logic will be presenting a seminar on the subject for investment analysts this fall (details to come), and I’ll be keynoting the Socially Responsible Investment in the Rockies conference in October — ‘the annual gathering of the socially responsible investment’ apparently — on Sustainability, Risk Management and Fiduciary Responsibility: Why ‘Less Bad’ Isn’t Good Enough, and What We Can Do About It. (A rare joint appearance with regenerative design guru Bill Reed.)

(Here’s the rest of my current speaking schedule. I’m open for more invitations. 🙂

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