Free speech? No thanks — We’re a university.
[New York Times:]
In an unusual showdown over freedom of expression, university officials have refused to allow a fund-raising appeal for the Emma Goldman Papers Project to be mailed because it quoted Goldman on the subjects of suppression of free speech and her opposition to war.
“It seems the administration is mocking freedom of expression by limiting it,” Professor Leon Litwack said.
Robert H. Hirst, general editor of the Mark Twain Project, another documentary editing project at Berkeley, [asked] “How many times does this have to happen at Berkeley before they learn?”

Ironically, in one of the quotes (from 1902) Goldman warned that free-speech advocates “shall soon be obliged to meet in cellars, or in darkened rooms with closed doors, and speak in whispers lest our next-door neighbors should hear that free-born citizens dare not speak in the open.”

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