Here’s the big lesson of this election: Slate: The Democratic Party has failed to sell the public a story…
Sadly, not a big surprise, from a party that’s been throwing elections for 30 years.
Or, as my friend David puts it:
Here’s the letter I just sent to the Boston Globe:
To the Editor:
I’m sorry my symbolic vote helped elect Romney.
Nope, I didn’t vote for Stein. I saw that D on the ballot and, misty-eyed, voted for the radical vision of FDR and Truman — a compassionate government that cared for working (and those who wish they were working..) people and enrolled voters in that sense of mission.
Too late, I realized I was voting for their visionless, passionless inheritors: O’Brien, Finneran, Menino. No wonder an astonishing 47% voted to repeal the income tax: they no longer see how government can and must do what individuals can’t: educate our kids, help those who are down, and care for our elders and the environment.
While unemployed, I worked on my house and learned rotten wood looks sound on the surface but crumbles when touched. That’s today’s Democratic Party. We must rip out the dead wood and create a fresh 21st century Democratic vision. No wonder our kids are Greens: they have a clear, enrolling vision.

And cousin Tomm, quite simply:
The Democratic party does not have a clue. Issues, Issues every where and not a thing to do.

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