. Dr. Daniel Pauly, a fisheries scientist, is so decidedly global in his life and outlook that he is nearly a man without a country…. The news is uniformly bad. So Dr. Pauly has become a man on a mission to spread the word that fish stocks are plummeting around the world.
“In some places in the world,” he said, “you can see people chasing the last fish.”

By Carol Kaesuk Yoon. [New York Times: Science]
The irony is that the nutritional consciousness that has moved so many eaters from meat to fish is one of the factors driving the depletion of global fisheries. (Dr. Pauly helped create FishBase, online at www.fishbase.org, with information on every one of the 27,000 fish species; it gets as many as five million hits a month.)
The alternative seems inescapable, in a world on its way to 10-12 billion humans: eating lower on the food chain.

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