The Solar Energy Industry Association roadmap 2030 (PDF).
I can’t find the total cost of the roadmap. Regardless, this is a
classic market-state program. It radically increases the
of US citizens by reducing dependencies. Freedom of action enhances
opportunity formation. Want an industry of the future? Retrofitting the
US economy for solar power is one. Flash forward 10 years. If energy
prices then are volatile (as they are likely to be given the rise of
global guerrillas), a state that has incentivised the construction of a
decentralized energy infrastructure will be put at an amazing
advantage. Systemic shifts take time. The advantage goes to the early
adopter. My future opportunity, and yours, is being diminished by a
state that doesn’t value decentralized energy and prefers to spend its
coin on military power.
[John Robb’s Weblog]

’nuff said.

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