…says Thomas Friedman on Tim Russert’s show on CNBC (sorry, can’t find a link to a feed). Geo-Green
— an aggressive, renewables based energy independence program for the
US (and, ohmigawd, a gasoline tax!), to (among other things) drive down
the price of oil to deny massive financial flows to Saudi Arabia, Iran,
et al they they use to prop up corrupt regimes, fund inefficient state
industries to temporarily absorb the demographic challenge of a growing
and young population — in contrast to President Bush’s program of “no
mullah left behind.”

What was the first Arab country to
discover oil? Bahrain. The first to run out of oil? Bahrain. The first
to hold open elections, where women could vote, and run for office?
Bahrain. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
(Approximate, not verbatim, quote. Transcripts at 800-777-8398)

Friedman calls for a ‘Manhattan Program’ for energy independence. Wonder if he’s aware of the Apollo Alliance plan for good jobs and energy independence or Rocky Mountain Institute‘s Winning the Oil Endgame?

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