I’ll be brief. It’s a big week. Chanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas. A World Cup final for the ages, The January 6th committee wrapup (and criminal referrals?). A “sweeping [international] deal to protect nature.” And our monthly Living Between Worlds call. (Why? Because that’s where we are living.)

On Wednesday’s call, we’ll continue our conversation about conversations with “others”—especially those different than ourselves, with different views, living in different worlds. When do we do battle, and when do we build bridges? How can we become more skilled at both?

We’ll all strangers these days. We’ve moved from the more or less national conversation of Uncle Walter and three networks to the fragmented multiworlds of 57,000 channels and nothing on, the algorithm-driven extremes of social media, and the political—and economic—agendas of billionaire-driven media platforms. We’ve seen it in the rapid polarization of the COVID-19 “discussion,” and we see it now in the politicization of ESG (in flagrant violation of fiduciary duty to pensioners and other shareholders).

Gregory Bateson often commented “the difference that makes a difference.” There’s a great difference, it seems to me, between the inevitable, and important, differences of opinion on complex matters and the willful manipulation of populations to personal purpose. But we all do it.

And yet matters of great urgency require shared purpose and coordinated action.

So please register here and join us Wednesday. And if you’re able, listen to Malcolm Gladwell talking about Talking To Strangers. (The real challenge, it seems to me, may not be talking to strangers—but truly listening to them.)

In solidarity, and with best holiday wishes,

PS: If you’ve ever wondered about engaging me as your personal coach, this might be a good time to apply. If you’re accepted and book a six month program before year end, your first month of coaching is free.

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