A conversation
We kicked off the fifth year of our Living Between Worlds—with Grace, Dignity, and Power last week, in conversation with special guest Hunter Lovins, in an exploration of COP28 and our climate futures: What happened. What didn’t happen. What needs to happen. Why it matters. And why it doesn’t. It was lively, sobering, and inspiring. Here’s the recording. Have a look. Post your comments. Like and subscribe! (YouTube is nicer to us when you do.) And join us next time!

An experiment
And please consider joining us in a new experiment: We’ve observed a desire to go deeper than time allows on these monthly Living Between Worlds calls. And that most of you don’t speak, whether due to the size of the group, the pace of the conversations, or other reasons.So we’re going to start a small, weekly discussion group to support a deeper dive. Call it a mastermind group, or a learning community, or just a conversation of a different kind. Every Wednesday from noon to 1pm Pacific.

The week following the monthly LBW call, we’ll dive deeper into the topic we just explored together. In the following weeks we’ll explore other issues that arise, topics you’re grappling with, and potential topics for future LBW calls. We might even offer “hot seat” mutual support if that’s something you want.  Maximum ten people. (We’ll add additional groups if interest warrants.) Serious, curious people, please; no grandstanders, please, and no conspiracy theorists. We’re requesting a contribution of $149/month—but you’re welcome to contribute more or less. Please let us know if you might be interested!

And in any case, we look forward to seeing you on February 21 for the next Living Between Worlds (which remain free). “Because people are hungry for meaningful conversations that move worlds. Let’s have some!” Register here.

The next economy
Thirteeen years ago this month, I posted “An Open Letter About The Next Economy to [then] California Governor Jerry Brown.” It’s still relevant, and open to any governor—or President—to take from and run with. I suggested five key compenents for investing in critical infrastructure for the economy of the 21st Century.

Take a look, and tell me: What would you add or change today? What will you take and run with?

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