Coming to you today from Google’s GeoDeveloper Day — the pre-event to the Where 2.0 conference tomorrow and Wednesday. Stay tuned for details — unless I get so engroessed I forget to blog — and most likely for a longer piece soon on WorldChanging.

The Google and event focus: looking at the intersection of “search, maps and geolocation.”

My focus: the intersection of that with sustainability — and sustainable business — opportunities. And in particular, the intersection of place information and flow information and both businesses and communities.

Larry: “Since you can’t be in more than one place at a time, these tecchnologies enable you to act as if you are.”

GoogleEarth developers: 30,000
GoogleEarth downloads: 100,000,000 unique individuals

News: GoogleEarth 4 released today (Beta), simultaneously Windows/Mac/Linux

On to the “mashup and KML showcase”!

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