Memo to the Democrats: Quit Being Losers!
Tucker Carlson in today’s New York Times Magazine:
This fall, for the second time in a row, the Democratic Party lost an election it should have won. Democrats offered no rationale for why they should be running the country and no vision for how they would run it. The party got the drubbing it deserved….
I have some ideas for how Democrats can help their party be taken seriously again. Why should Democrats listen to advice from someone who represents the right on a television talk show? Partly because there are lessons worth learning from the many years Republicans spent as the minority party and partly because, why not? Nothing else seems to be working.

The Dems seem to have lacked backbone and cojones for a long time. It was evident in the early 80s: “You’re afraid to say what you really believe.” Surely there are people out there with firm values, pragmatism and flexibility in implenting them, and a willingness to talk straight without poll-testing every phrase. Maybe even some who could articulate a new political agenda that transcends the ideological lock-in of both parties. You think?
More to say on this in a little while…

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