We’re watching the profile of Grameen Bank on PBS’s ‘New Heros’ series.
Grameen, guided by founder Muhammed Yunus, has brought ‘micro-credit’
to millions of the poorest of the poor, required no collateral,
experienced an infinitessimal default rate, and has had a profound
impact on the lives of communities across Bangladesh, at a scale and
depth large international institutions can only imagine.

Deeply moving. One of the great innovations of the 20th Century.

And no doubt a key trigger of the bottom of the pyramid phenomenon.

PS: There are now more than two dozen organizations within the Grameen
family of enterprises
. These include the replication and research
activities of
Grameen Trust, handloom enterprises of
Grameen Uddog
and fisheries pond management by Grameen
Motsho or the Fisheries Foundation

(Get involved at Grameen Foundation.)

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