Bush quashing unpleasant employment stats..

From Business Week, February 10, 2003 issue :

Now, either by coincidence or by design, two agencies have taken actions that make the Administration’s unremarkable record on jobs a little harder to spot….Labor officials say that the resulting savings of $6.6 million annually will be diverted directly to states for job training.
By Peter Coy and Laura Cohn

Something like $60 billion a year is spent by companies and workers making the labor markets work. $6.6m is a rounding error. Government stats are some of the cheapest planning tools you can trust. Government neutrality, longevity, and transparency make the data valuable. This kind of expense, centralized, creates value; spread among 50+ state agencies: paperclips.


Can you imagine any non-political reason for supressing the truth? Perhaps terrorists are involved?

Just shrubbery.

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