The latest New Bottom Line is now posted: More on the Cost of Green: Why Green Building is Good Business

Guess what? It’s as true about business strategy, product design,
industrial processes, food system and transportation infrastructure as
it is about buildings.

As Neal Pierce of the Washington Post comments,

‘It seems obvious: the reason only a tiny percentage of
new American buildings and retrofits aren’t green isn’t cost. It’s lack
of ingenuity or knowledge of new construction techniques — architects
and builders wed to the ‘same-old,’ lenders leery of anything

The fault also lies with national leaders unwilling to tell us in
clear terms that a nation secure economically and environmentally and
against foreign threats, means energy savings across the board —
efficient and sustainable buildings included. It’s a message our
current president apparently doesn’t comprehend, at least won’t

But that’s a story for another time.

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