Joel Makower‘s been bloggin’ up a storm this week. Recent topics include:
‘The Soul of Environmentalism’ — Forget environmentalism’s ‘death.’ Turns out, the environmental movement is alive and well — and has got soul. That’s the message from a provocative paper, published today, in which nine prominent activists, academics, and policy analysts have made bold assertions and given voice to those left out of the ‘Death of Environmentalism’ discussions: people working in the influential sustainability and environmental justice fields, as well as Latinos and African-Americans in general.
Seeing the Forest: The Complex Realities Behind Environmental Paper Procurement – [T]here’s evidence that the approach even the most well-intentioned companies take toward environmental paper procurement may not even be effective from a sustainability perspective.
Water and Business: A Rising Tide of Concern – The world’s freshwater supply is at risk and the question is when and where, not whether, there will be major droughts or shortages that could have a major disruptive effect on business and society.

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